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3 Self-Care Tips

Time management tips that value efficiency over well-being forget that without self-care you undermine yourself and your ability to live fully! So learn these 3 central self-care strengths to maximize your effectiveness.

Why Self-Care?

Think of self-care as self-awareness plus follow-through. You attune yourself to your energy level, inner balance and level of fulfillment. And with practice, you learn how to realign your time choices so that you function at your best.

Self-care helps you live your life more fully in the following ways:

* Self-care affects how you experience day-to-day pressures.

* Self-care shapes how well you respond under pressure.

* Self-care helps you tune in when your welfare is at stake.

* Self-care supports your making self-referenced decisions.

* Self-care based decisions improve the outcome of your hard work.

A Circle of Choices and Consequences

Every minute of every day, you create and maintain a circle of choices and consequences. Do self-love and self-esteem inform your thinking? One of my favorite reminders about the centrality of self-care was written by poet Wallace Stevens:

"Perhaps the truth depends upon a walk around the lake."

It's notable that this Pulitzer Prize-winning poet also served as vice president of a large insurance company in Hartford, Connecticut. So he exemplified the ability to remain both highly effective and versatile through self-reflection and self-care.

Self-Care Is Not Self-Indulgence.

Whenever you set aside the time to "walk around the lake", you provide spaciousness for yourself to touch on your personal truth. This is hardly self-indulgence. On the contrary, you are taking responsibility for your circle of choices and consequences.

So why not acknowledge it?

Self-nurturing and the rejuvenation of your mind, your body and your spirit is a cornerstone of healthy and productive living.

You've probably noticed how taking care of yourself rarely comes automatically! In fact, perhaps you have given up on keeping the promises you have made to yourself to honor your personal welfare, simply because you have broken those promises so often. Well, here are 3 central strengths you must manifest to care for yourself consistently and well.

3 Components of Self-Care:

  1. You Need To Be Proactive.

To care well for yourself, you need to look ahead, balance priorities and schedule time for yourself.

  1. You Need To Be Assertive.

When others try to lay claim to your time, you are called upon to honor your fundamental commitment to yourself.

  1. You Need to Exercise Discipline.

Do you think of self-discipline as self-denial and self-care as "soft"? Try planning tomorrow to include time for rest, reflection and responsible choices. Safeguard this time from others' demands. And even when you're caught up with the concerns of the day, honor your plans to "take a walk around the lake" as often as needed.

Self-care is your anchor in rapidly changing times. Take such good care of yourself that you maintain your self-esteem, your direction and your momentum. In this way, you are sure to make the most of your time.

Offered by Paula Eder, PhD, The Time Finder Expert.

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